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Delivery and payment

CdConnect SAAB



I placed an order 10 days ago but haven't received my order yet?

Once the payment has been processed an order confirmation email is sent and when the product is shipped an update is provided by email. If you haven't received the order confirmation within 12 hours of placing the order (it usually arrives instantaneously), something has gone wrong. Step 1: Check your spam folder. Step 2: Contact us. After the order is received, it will normally be dispatched within 2 working days. The order is then usually delivered to you within 3-12 days after your item is shipped.

What does it cost in my currency?

The amount depends on what products you intend to purchase. Secondly, the exchange rate will depend upon your bank and the time of purchase. PayPal will offer you to pay in your local currency once you are at the payment step, but note that there is a charge to use this service (we recommend to not use any of these so called dynamic currency conversion functions). Nevertheless, it will serve as a ball park figure of the price in your local currency. Another solution would be to use Google, and in this case you just search for, e.g. 1000 sek to USD and it will give a good estimate of the price in your local currency (replace USD with the relevant currency code).

Can I return the product?

Yes, under certain conditions.

The Swedish law gives individuals the right to return the products within 14 days from the date of purchase. The product must be in a sellable condition (not any wear). If the product doesn’t work correctly or stops working within 3 years from the date of purchase because of manufacturing errors you are advised to contact us. If your complaint is due to manufacturing error or from reasonable use we may repair the product, replace it with an equivalent product or refund you. Return shipping is the responsibility of the customer.  

Can I pay by invoice?


I didn't get what I ordered! What do I do now?

Contact us and write what you’ve got and not got and we’ll help you as fast as possible. We understand that it is frustrating and are sorry for what has happened.

Why do I get the message ” NO MAGAZINE”?

Since the CdConnect-device is acting as the CD-changer, the CD-changer can no longer be connected. This means that the power to the changer must be disconnected in order for the CdConnect to function properly. It is not enough to discnnect it in the stereo, the cd-changer must be disconnected in the trunk or wherever it is located.

What is required for CdConnect to fit?

CdConnnect fits the following models:

  • Saab 9-3 1998-2002 (AS1-AS2-AS3, and 9-3 CAB 03)
  • Saab 9-5 1998-2005 (AS1-AS2-AS3)
  • SAAB 9-5 2005-2009 with Denso Navigation requires CdConnect Nav

Please make sure to select the right panel button for you!

Why is CdConnect so expensive, is it not just a few cables?

The product emulates a CD-changer using hardware and software, which makes it possible to connect the sound from an iPhone, any MP3 player or PC using a 3.5 mm stereo plug.

How does CdConnect work?

The device communicates via the car’s CAN bus and enables the ability to send audio through the stereo’s CD changer input. This is achieved through a plug and play wiring connected into the audio system.

I have navigation in my car, does it work?

CdConnect SAAB NAV works together with the Denso navigation. CdConnect NAV requires more expensive cables and some other parts which we don’t stock. 

CdConnect NAV fits:

  • Saab 9-5 2005-2009 (with Denso navigation)

Where will the button be placed?

There is no button since June 2016 included. In case you have an earlier variant, for SAAB 9-5, without vented seats, the button used to be placed to the left of the cigarette lighter (see the green markers on this picture). For cars with vented seats the button used to  be placed to the left of the SID (see the red mark on this picture).

I’ve got a SAAB 9-3 and am looking to buy your aux-cable, but how do I know if the aux is activated?

If you don’t have an aux-connection today, the aux will not be activated. You need to buy the cable and then get it activated with a Tech2 computer at a SAAB workshop. (Activation is not required for CdConnect)

Do you have any affiliation with SAAB?


How do I know if I got a Denso navigation unit?

The Denso unit has the volume control button to the left of the screen and the reader slot above the screen.

Can I use CdConnect Bluetooth as a handsfree device?

No. CdConnect Bluetooth is only intended to stream music.

Can I get Bluetooth and 3.5 mm audio cable connection?

No. CdConnect is available in two versions, cable or Bluetooth. Only one can be connected at once and there is no unit available with both cable and Bluetooth.

What about removal tools?

Removal tools are included for all stereos except navigaiton. In case of navigation, you need to get for wooden ice lolly sticks.

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