Bluetooth to SAAB 9-3 for music

The SAAB 9-3 is available in two generations.

  • Generation 1 includes model year 98, 99, 00, 01 and 02, as well 03 for the convertible. 
  • Generation 2 includes model year 03 to 12. 

Small-scale production has been carried out by NEVS after 2012.

Bluetooth to generation 1 (98-02 / 03)

CdConnect SAAB Bluetooth provides bluetooth for music to SAAB 9-3 generation 1. With CdConnect as Bluetooth Adapter, you can listen to music from your phone in the car stereo and use the steering wheel buttons to change track on the connected device. There is no SAAB original accessory available to enable Bluetooth for music.

Bluetooth to generation 2 (2003-2012)

There is no SAAB original accessory available to enable Bluetooth for music and there is no other solution available yet that allows the steering wheel buttons to be used to change track. We hope to release a product soon, which lets you switch track on the phone with the steering wheel buttons.

Install Bluetooth on SAAB 9-3 gen 1 with CdConnect

Installing bluetooth with CdConnect SAAB on 9-3 is easy.

  1. Remove the ACC unit: Remove a blind plug (panel button) and use the hole to push the ACC unit out. 
  2. Get power to CdConnect by forking the cigarette lighter power: Carefully remove the connector located on the back of the cigarette lighter. In CdConnect's wire harness there are two two white connector, connect one with the connector just removed and the other one on the back of the cigette lighter. 
  3. Pull out the stereo: Use the supplied removal tools and place them in the four holes located on the front of the stereo. 
  4. Connect CdConnect box: Connect the small black connector to the CdConnect controller. Add CdConnect's control box behind the ACC. Disconnect the pink connector on the back of the stereo and replace it with the CdConnect's red (or possibly pink) connector and plug the car's pink connector into the CdConnect's black wide connector. 
  5. Put the stereo and ACC unit back 
  6. Enjoy: Activate CdConnect by turning the key to ON and press the CD button twice (i.e., switch to CD changer source). Search for bluetooth devices with phone and pair. If the CD changer is connected, you need to disconnect it. 

Note that CdConnect does not work as a headset.

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