Bluetooth to SAAB 9-5 for music

Different Bluetooth adapters are required for SAAB 9-5 depending on the model and stereo. SAAB 9-5 was produced from 1997 to 2011 and is available in two generations.

  • Genearation 1: Model year 98, 99, 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09 and 10 (station wagon only).
  • Generation 2 includes year 10, 11 and 12. 

The scope of this text is only bluetooth for music (A2DP, aptX and the like). For handsfree, other alternatives are available, although those doesn’t stream music.

Bluetooth for generation 1 - model year 98-05 (no navigation)

SAAB doesn’t provide any original accessories that enables bluetooth for music for generation 1 but CdConnect SAAB Bluetooth is an easy-to-install Bluetooth adapter. With this Bluetooth adapter, you can listen to music from your phone in the car's original stereo and use the steering wheel buttons to change song.

Bluetooth for generation 1 - model year 05-09 (with Denso navigation)

SAAB doesn’t supplies any original accessories for 9-5 with Denso Navigation that enables bluetooth. To get Bluetooth, you need a CdConnect SAAB Bluetooth NAV. SAAB 9-5 also came with Kenwood navigation and it does not work with CdConnect. Denso Navigation is recognized by reading locks above the screen and the volume dial is on the left of the screen.

Bluetooth to other model years and generations

There are some solutions available to newer 9-5s, but no SAAB original. Unfortunately, the information about available solutions leaves a lot to be desired which makes it hard to recommend one.

Install Bluetooth on SAAB 9-5 generation 1 with CdConnect

CdConnect Bluetooth is made to be plug-and-play and easy to install. 9-5 requires some work to get the stereo and security frame out (step 3), but otherwise installation is easy. The following installation instructions are mainly intended for 9-5 without navigation but the approach is similar for 9-5 with Denso navigation.

  1. Remove Stereo: Use the supplied removal tools and place them in the holes located on the front of the stereo. 
  2. Remove ACC: Insert a hand into the hole where the stereo set and gently remove the ACC. If you disconnect the ACC unit, you need to reset it (by pressing AUTO + OFF). 
  3. Remove the security frame: Use a pryer tool to gently push the outside of the cage in the center of each side while gently trying to pull the frame outwards. 
  4. Connect the power: Remove the connector located on the back of the cigarette lighter. In the CdConnect harness there are two white connectors, plug the female with the connector just detached and use the other white connector to connect to the back of the cigarette lighter. 
  5. Connect CdConnect: In CdConnect's harness there is a smaller black connector, plug it into the CdConnect control box. Put CdConnect box behind the ACC and put the remaining cables so that you can connect it to the back of stereo. 
  6. Connect to the stereo: Remove the connector in the lower left corner of the security frame. Cut the cable tie that holds all cables to the black connector. Separate the top contact from the bottom two using, for example, knife or saw blade. Be careful not to damage any cables. Connect CdConnect's black wide connector into the lower newly released connector. Insert the stereo in the security frame and insert the red (or pink) connector of CdConnect where the previous contacts were paired with the other two contacts. 
  7. Put the stereo and ACC back: and activate CdConnect by turning the key to ON and press the CD button twice (i.e., switch to CD changer source).

Further installation information such as videos and presentations are available at the product pages. If you have any questions or suggestions for this text, please contact us.

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